DiversityInc Best Practices is a subscription website that offers insights, best practices and case studies on diversity and inclusion management. Corporations, nonprofits, academia and government/military organizations utilize content on the website to help evolve and gain support for  their workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives. Your organization can become a member by purchasing a membership directly from our website.


Our mission at DiversityInc, is to bring education and clarity to the business benefits of diversity. Managing diversity in organizations is a defining issue of our time. The business case for diversity is now.


A subscription with DiversityInc Best Practices offers one of the most robust inclusion platforms at your fingertips. Through our annual diversity and inclusion competition, we receive data from best-in-class organizations. We mine that data to develop professional development and educational resources you can’t get anywhere else, including in-depth interviews with top executives and thought leaders at the most diverse companies in the country. Additionally, Best Practices is regularly updated with how-to articles, case studies and videos on senior leadership commitment, recruitment, mentoring, employee resource groups, supplier diversity and much more. Content can be shared and scaled within your organization to drive the business benefit of diversity.


Carolynn Johnson, MBA

Chief Executive Officer


Luke Visconti

Founder & Chairman


Anita Ricketts, MBA

Head of Strategic Partnerships


Dr. Chris Parker

Head of Research & Data Analytics BIO

Lynn Cooper

Lynn Cooper

Head of Marketing & Communications

David Rice

David Rice

Managing Editor

My organization doesn’t have a membership. How do we sign up?
DIBP offers company-wide access to premium content for corporate members. Your organization can become a member by purchasing a membership directly from our website.

My organization has a DIBP membership, but I can’t view the content. How do I subscribe?
Go to the member page and enter your information to become a member. You will be taken through the registration process and then receive an email confirmation. On future visits, all you’ll need to do is enter your email address and password to log in. If you do not receive a confirmation, your organization may have filtered our emails to your junk mail folder. You can contact us for help or you can reach out to your IT department and ask them to whitelist emails from DiversityInc.com, which means they will not be considered junk and be delivered directly to your inbox.

How do I register for a webinar?
DiversityInc webinars are free to all DIBP subscribers and Benchmarking Practice customers. If you are already a registered member, login and proceed to our webinar schedule to view and register for upcoming webinars. Approximately 48 hours before the event, you will receive information on how to log in and dial into to the webinar.

How do I access past webinars?
After logging in, select webinars on the homepage. This will take you to the webinar library where you can find past webinars. You can also find past webinars featured on the right side of every page.

What is Meeting in a Box and how do I use it?
Meeting in a Box is a tool to help you educate your workforce. Each Meeting in a Box offers digestible and clear information about the subject, guided questions that help you lead staff discussions, and a “Things NOT to Say” article to avoid cultural pitfalls. Meetings in a Box have two variations — they can either focus on cultural competence on a demographic (often during a cultural heritage month such as National Hispanic Heritage Month or LGBT Pride Month) or they are based on diversity-management topics (Employee Resource Groups, mentoring).

Can I buy a  Webinars or Meeting In a Box independently? Or do I need a membership?
Meeting In a Box access is member only, however our free info sheet on the history and culture of Juneteenth can be shared with ERG’s  and around the office, throughout the year, as a source of information. "Non-members may purchase webinars individually, but by becoming a member, you are able to participate in all upcoming live webinars and also gain immediate, company-wide access to our webinar library.

I only want an individual membership, can I get it on a personal level?
Membership can only be purchased through companies or organizations. However, access to single webinars can be purchased individually for non-members.

Is DiversityInc and DiversityInc Best Practices the same thing?
No, they are two separate websites. The centerpiece of DiversityInc.com is The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity — the results of our yearly survey. In addition to spotlighting specialty list winners, the DI website also highlights our events. We have forged decades-long relationships with various corporations because they find our data, media, education and services to be an invaluable asset in guiding the growth and prosperity of their respective companies. DiversityIncBestPractices.com is a paid subscription that provides access to our research, best practices, webinars and other diversity inclusion management content, giving you the tools and resources to support your diversity and inclusion strategies and programs.