Addressing Unconscious Bias

Monsanto sought to infuse unconscious bias into its training and worked with an external consultant, but it didn’t work out. So, the company developed its own unconscious initiative.

In this webinar, Melissa Harper, VP, Global Talent and Acquisition & Diversity Officer; Alejandro Cornejo, Specialist, Inclusion & Diversity, Global Talent; and Damion S. Jones, PhD., SPHR, Global Director of Inclusion & Diversity, Global Talent, detail how the company embarked on this journey.

• 02:40 – Introduction to Monsanto

• 08:16 – Webinar Outline

• 09:20 – Why Now and Why This

• 13:56 – Who and What (Target Audience, The Experience, Resources & Support)

• 25:26 – How And Where (Top-Down Accountability, Global Audience & Approach, Multiple Rollouts Platforms & Tracking)

• 35:00 – Now What (Results To-Date, What’s Next)

• 40:57 – Key Take-Aways

• 44:32 – Q&A

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