Candid Advice on Mentoring Women of Color

Simone Gooden, Executive Development Strategy Lead at Wells Fargo shares her perspective on how to mentor women of color.   Simone takes the audience through an interactive exercise on understanding what you don’t know about a person before you mentor them.

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  • 0:38 – 2:23: Concept of the Crate in the Container
  • 2:24 – 4:47: Agenda
  • 4:48 – 13:05: Spectrum of Relationship-Based Career Growth: Why Mentoring
  • 13:06 – 18:36: Creating A Container for Growth: Building Trust
  • 18:37 – 24:14: What is Unique About Mentoring Women of Color
  • 24:15 – 27:41: What Do I Want / Interactive Session
  • 27:42 – 32:34: Who Am I?
  • 32:35 – 35:46: Small Acts…Big Impact
  • 35:47: Q&A

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