Career Advice to Women: Ask for What You Need

Accenture’s Nellie Borrero: “You’ve got to speak up.”

By Tamika Cody

Does asking for help seem to be a particular problem for women in corporate America?

Nellie Borrero, global managing director of inclusion & diversity at Accenture, sat down with DiversityInc to discuss the one thing women tussle with when they find themselves between a rock and a hard place at work: asking for help.

The action of women asking for help in the workplace usually involves them having a solid foundation of self-assurance. Previously, Accenture, No. 14 on DiversityInc’s Top 50 List for 2017, moderated the webinar Leading with Confidence, where Borrero and her guest discussed steps women should take to enhance their confidence in the workplace. (See: Women’s Confidence Builders)

Borrero explained that when women recognize that they need help “it starts to [negatively] impact their deliverables and peace of mind.” However, Borrero witnessed countless scenarios where women developed their confidence, asked for help and received wonderful results. For example, a woman may find that she needs help with a presentation for an important client, or she may need a coworker’s help to brainstorm ideas for a project before submitting the project to their manager.

At times, taking that first step to ask for help is the key to getting the job done in a timely manner. “In some cases if they couldn’t get what they needed at that point in time they worked on getting it later on down the line,” Borrero explained during the webinar.

Borrero trusts that leaders genuinely want to help women become successful leaders, but she said it’s important for women to have an ongoing discussion and the confidence to raise their hands and say, “I need help.”

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