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Employee Resource Group Spotlight: CVS Health

Structure of ERGs:

Each of CVS Health’s Colleague Resource Groups has an executive sponsor and two co-chairs. The CRGs provide an opportunity for all colleagues to engage and contribute to their highest potential. Each CRG also offers several roles, which have specific roles and responsibilities, including communications and marketing. As the CRGs grow in size and members span the country, there are opportunities to form chapters, which also have similar leadership structures.

Example of an ERG Yielding Positive Results for Talent Recruitment or Development:

The CVS Health Talent Acquisition held a CRG-sponsored internal job fair to fill some critical open roles. The job fair led to eight roles being filled internally and saved significant costs by not leveraging external hiring agencies.

Our CRGs also manage our formal mentor program, which has 800 participants for the 2017-2018 year. The mentor/mentee guide includes goal setting for the relationship and templates to drive productive conversation, which connects to personal development and gives back to the business.

Example of a CRG Yielding Positive Results for Commerce:

In 2016, MinuteClinic launched a first-of-its kind initiative with the Department of Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System to expand access to high quality and convenient care services for Veterans in California. When developing this pilot, we consulted a focus group with our own VALOR colleague resource group members to inform our VA Palo Alto launch. The feedback was exceptional and helped to derive service standards and program workflows that would best meet the needs of our veterans. The VA leadership team was thrilled to hear that we worked with our CVS Health Veterans to create the joint program. This past April, we began partnering with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Phoenix to offer a similar service for veterans in that area, which Valor also consulted on.

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