Humana’s Commitment to People With Disabilities

Humana’s Commitment to People With Disabilities

Humana’s Kevin Stakelum (Talent Acquisition Director) and Jason Kallio (Leader of ACCESS, Humana’s Network Resource Group for people with disabilities) provide insights about the company’s recruitment of people with disabilities and its resource group for people with disabilities.

Kevin Stakelum is the Talent Acquisition Director for Humana. As the leader of Talent Acquisition, Kevin creates the strategy and provides the leadership and direction for all aspects of talent acquisition for the company. His leadership in the areas of recruiting process design and implementation, interviewing capability and design and process standardization ensures that the function continues to enable the business to hire the best talent in the industry. As a veteran himself, Kevin is also the leader of the company’s Veterans Hiring Initiative that was responsible for hiring over 3,200 veterans and their spouses since August of 2011.

Kevin Stakelum on Humana’s Focus on Recruiting People with Disabilities

There is a large pool of individuals with various abilities who are eager to work, and we know the incredible value that having a diverse workforce brings a company like Humana. Working with diverse groups of people, including those with varying abilities, brings valuable skillsets, dependability and a strong work ethic. Our interest is to provide them with the opportunity to do great work and grow their careers in the way that they define.

We are currently working with the Coalition for Workforce Diversity. The Coalition is a network of employers, service providers and resources that are committed to supporting people with disabilities, focusing on employment opportunities. Every other month Humana facilitates a “Humana Club” in the community. Topics include: Humana’s recruitment process, résumé review, how to apply online and what roles to look for. The goal is to give participants a chance to speak directly with a Humana recruiter to ask any questions they have regarding what we look for in an associate.

Being an employer of choice in Louisville, recruiting and retaining people with disabilities is not as big of a challenge for us. We are dedicated to matching applicant skillsets to the best roles where they can bring their best selves to work. We’re also focused on providing the best choice of software/equipment for seamless integration for everyone.


Jason Kallio has held various positions at Humana during his 15 years at the company and is currently a consultant for the Technology Resolution Team. Jason has years of experience related to internal consultation and leading programs. His most recent endeavor is helping lead Humana’s newly launched ACCESS Network Resource Group for people with disabilities and their allies. Jason was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Lake Superior State University.

Jason Kallio on Humana’s Network Resource Groups

There are several advantages to joining a Network Resource Group. I’d say if you have a disability, you bring a new perspective to other groups that may not have been thought about otherwise, further integrating your needs into your company’s culture.

Other NRGs at Humana, like Caregivers or SALUTE for the military, closely align to ACCESS, so joining these NRGs offers you the opportunity to connect with others who share your passion.

Quite often I get the question, “I just joined an NRG for the first time; how do I take advantage of it?” My response is to join meetings where you can learn how to get involved, and get involved by expressing your interest in a project or team. Many NRGs have large memberships, so express your interest to get involved beyond attending meetings. NRG leaders are always looking for support, so let them know, and then follow through with your commitment.

Another question is get is, “I have a hidden disability and want to disclose; how do I do that?” My response is that applicants have an opportunity to disclose this information during Humana’s hiring process. Associates, once hired, may disclose that they have a disability using Humana’s internal self-service application — a perfect way to allow people with any disability, visible or not, to disclose. This may be done at any time. If you’re looking for personal support, I recommend getting in touch with your disability NRG. The associates in the group can offer you the personalized support you may be looking for as you disclose.

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