How to Identify and Cultivate Talent in Employee-Resource Groups

Dell and EY outline how their ERGs are critical to their success in increasing employee engagement and finding and growing talent. Dell gives insights into how their ERGs continue to drive employee engagement and positively impact the business. EY shares the strategic drivers of its employee networks, which includes empowering and developing talent.

• 02:48 – DiversityInc Data on ERG Participation and Mentoring in ERGs

• 07:07 – Overview of Dell’s ERGs

• 09:05 – Dell’s ERGs Drive Engagement

• 10:40 – ERGs Impact Dell’s Employees and Business

• 13:31 – Formal Training Offered in ERGs

• 17:56 – Mentoring Offered in ERGs

• 21:00 – Leadership Development and Skill Building in ERGs

• 23:50 – External Engagement and Partnerships Through ERGs

• 28:54 – EY Introduction

• 31:18 – EY’s Professional Network Journey

• 33:26 – Structure of Professional Networks

• 37:36 – Strategic Drivers for Professional Networks

• 43:54 – Priorities for FY2018

• 57:42 – Q&A

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