Hispanic Heritage Month Meeting in a Box

Meeting in a Box: Hispanic Heritage Month

From Sept. 15–Oct. 15, we celebrate the culture of the diverse community of people whose ancestors come from Spanish-speaking countries as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. This Meeting in a Box is a valuable tool to share with employees as part of your organization’s cultural competence education. This month, we will highlight the contributions of the Hispanic/Latinx community to the U.S. and the working world.

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The 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month Meeting in a Box features the following:

Timeline: Hispanic/Latinx History in the United States

Over the years, Hispanic/Latinx people have worked to overcome the effects of colonization and prejudice. The community’s journey toward rights and self-determination continues today. It is vital for your workforce to be culturally competent and understand the importance of equality for Hispanic/Latinx people, who make up more than one-sixth of the U.S. population. We recommend you begin your cultural competence discussion by using the timeline, which documents both obstacles and triumphs the Hispanic and Latinx communities have faced. It is important to discuss the intricacies of identity, culture and nationality and how inclusivity benefits everyone.

Download the timeline HERE

6 Hispanic/Latinx People Making a Difference

Every group of people has its movers and shakers, the people that drive change and make a difference in their community. This list highlights six Hispanic/Latinx individuals making a difference in politics, literature, pop culture, philanthropy and the culinary world.

Learn more about Hispanic/Latinx people making a difference HERE

The Debate Around the Term “Latinx”

The term Latinx has entered the lexicon of media pundits, academics and politicians, but has yet to take hold with the one group it was created to serve: Hispanic/Latinx citizens. We look at why the term has become polarizing and what corporate America might want to keep in mind as it begins to adopt Latinx in its vernacular.

Read about the debate HERE

Facts and Figures

After discussing Hispanic/Latinx history and identities, the next step is to look at the available data to understand why equality for Hispanic and Latinx people has profound demographic, financial, educational and business benefits, addressing issues that these communities face and have overcome.

Download the Facts and Figures Here.

Leadership Spotlight

For Hispanic/Latinx professionals looking to reshape their futures, developing their personal brand around their abilities is as easy as it is for everyone else, but building it around their possibilities is an opportunity that should not be left for another day. To help with that journey, here is some advice from Hispanic/Latinx and diversity leaders on how to go about reshaping your career.

Hear from leaders HERE

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