Meeting in a Box: Women’s History Month

The significance of Women’s History Month cannot be overstated in today’s climate.

As women continue making strides in the business and political spheres, they are also calling for drastic social change. Topics including harassment in the workplace have been brought to the forefront in a movement that has only just begun. As women become more vocal about such issues, though, it is critical to remember not only how far women have come to reach this point but to remember that there is still a ways to go.

(Click Here to Download the 2019 Meeting in a Box: Women’s History Month)

In this Meeting in a Box, we are providing you with a Timeline, showcasing history as well as current events surrounding progress for women’s rights. It also includes Facts & Figures, illustrating that gaps do in fact remain.

This Meeting in a Box is designed to be of use for all of your employees. It is beneficial not only during Women’s History Month but can serve as an educational tool all year round, particularly for your women’s Resource Groups.

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