About DiversityInc Best Practices
DiversityInc Best Practices is a subscription website that offers two categories of content: career advice and diversity management.

We craft career advice content to show how people can advance at the company they currently work for. We interview diverse executives for their personal tips on how to advance. You will not see content regarding recruiting or interviewing for a new job. Organizations use the career advice content to further engage their employees.

Organizations also use the diversity management content to help gain support for — and evolve — their workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The diversity management content includes:
  • How-to articles, case studies, research and white papers on topics such as executive diversity councils, mentoring, resource groups and recruitment.

  • Webinars addressing all areas of diversity management. See what’s coming up by accessing the webinar schedule.

  • Meeting in a Box, an educational tool featuring historical timelines, facts & figures and discussion topics to build cultural competence and promote inclusiveness. Companies use this tool for workforce awareness and training.

  • Video interviews with top executives and thought leaders at the most diverse companies in the country.

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For information on subscribing, email Shane@DiversityInc.com.


Career Advice on Handling Unconscious Bias

Executives from TD Bank and Monsanto collaborate to help us understand what unconscious bias is, how and why it exists, and how to address it from both an individual and organizational standpoint. The webinar concludes with almost 20 minutes of Q&A.


How Executive Diversity Councils Yield Talent Results

Sodexo's Rolddy Leyva, VP, Global Diversity & Inclusion, talks about how his company's Diversity Leadership Council sets strategic priorities & performance expectations for D&I at the U.S. regional level and drives accountability for progress.


The Differences Between Mentoring and Sponsorship

Randy Cobb, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Southern Company and Matthew Hanzlik, Program Manager, Diversity & Inclusion, Nielsen talk about the differences between mentoring and sponsoring and give insights into how their companies leverage each.

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