Features and Benefits of DiversityInc Best Practices

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Diversity Management Content

· Helps you stay abreast of the latest emerging best practices.
· Case studies, white papers help you benchmark by understanding what successful companies are doing.
· Gives you facts and figures to justify your department.
· Covers all areas of diversity management - executive diversity council, mentoring, sponsorship, resource groups, recruitment and retention, supplier diversity.
· Content addresses all cohorts – people of color, women, LGBTs, people with disabilities, veterans.

· Hear first hand from executives at Top 50 companies on how to successfully manage diversity.
· Covers all areas of diversity management.
· Presenters are picked based on areas their companies excel in.
· Employees can listen in on live webinars and ask questions via chat – 16 scheduled for 2018.
· Access to webinar library, going back five years. Past webinars address all areas of diversity management and show how the best companies keep evolving.
Career Advice
· Our reader survey shows that people of color value career advice from people who look like them 68/32 (view the results).
· Few companies have enough people of color or women to provide the demand of their people of color and women for career advice. Our career advice fills that need.
· Leadership Profiles – insights and advice from racially diverse and women executives at Top 50 companies on how they developed and maintained a successful career.
Meeting in a Box
· Builds cultural competence and promotes inclusiveness through historical timelines, facts & figures and discussion topics on monthly cultural themes.
Daily Newsletter
· Ensures you don’t miss new content.
Quarterly Newsletter
· The most popular content (by categories) each quarter all in one email.
· Helps the diversity department further engage with company employees by providing an easy to access resource.
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