Webinar Recap: Innovative ERG Case Studies and Best Practices

Panelists: Mini Tamaraju, executive director of diversity inclusion at Comcast and Tracey Giang, senior director of diversity and inclusion at Comcast


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a way to drive innovation in all departments at a company. In this webinar, Mini Tamaraju, executive director of diversity inclusion at Comcast andTracey Giang, senior director of diversity and inclusion at Comcast talk about why ERGs are crucial for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

“D&I at Comcast is not a standalone program. It’s become embedded in all of our businesses. And it is a priority for all of our business leaders. We view D&I as a strategic driver of growth and innovation,” Tamaraju said.

Key Takeaways

  • Corporate governance should be focused on fostering diversity and supporting inclusion
  • ERGs run well using a 4C operating model: community, commerce, career and culture
  • Best practices for ERGs include a robust infrastructure
  • Collect data! It’s very important

Corporate Governance with a Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

At Comcast, there is a focus on diversity and inclusion within all business units. Their goal is to have 50% women and 33% people of color at every level of their workforce. They currently have more than 3,000 minority owned businesses in their supplier network, including businesses owned by women, people of color, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and LGBTQ individuals.

It doesn’t end there.

We connect our customers with more than 100 diverse networks on our Xfinity platform. And with talent representing diverse perspectives, both in front and behind the camera,” Tamaraju said.

ERGs Inside Comcast and How they Function

Comcast’s eight ERGs are voluntary and employee led with more than 180 chapters of these ERGs across the U.S. and internationally: Asian and Pacific Americans, My Abilities Network, Unidos, which serves our Latino Hispanic population, The Women’s Network, Young Professional Network, our Veterans Network, Out at Comcast NBC Universal, and then the Black Employees Network.

“Our ERGs follow a 4C operating model. That’s community, commerce, career, and culture. We take a holistic approach to our ERG strategy with a focus on connecting our employees with opportunities to give back to our communities through volunteerism service. Creating personal and professional development opportunities to help employees grow their careers. Helping our employees get personally engaged with the business,” Giang said.

A Robust Infrastructure for Successful ERGs

Along with a strong infrastructure for Comcast’s ERGs, they invested a lot of time and energy in engaging senior leaders and creating a resource library and PowerPoint for ERG leaders.

“We are also proactive and work closely with our different business units to identify opportunities for ERG partnerships that create the most value for our business and for our employees. We have actually developed a regular cadence of sharing relevant business updates and opportunities with our ERGs. And finally, we make it a point to facilitate best practice sharing across ERG,” Giang said.

Data, Data, Data

Collecting data is one of the most important things to keep the focus on the business impact and good work that ERGs do for a company. It’s a lot of work and Comcast has an entire team dedicated to data analytics.

You need to have the data to quantify, absolutely. You need to have a setup that allows you to do that,” Giang said. “The data is the foundation and the start, but you’re right, it’s got to flow to something that provides insight into what’s really going on in that organization.”

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