Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo’s Commitment to People With Diverse Abilities

Wells Fargo’s Commitment to People With Diverse Abilities

Why is your company focused on recruiting people with disabilities? Describe your recruitment/outreach initiatives.

At Wells Fargo, we believe every team member offers something extraordinary. Recruitment at Wells Fargo focuses not only on accommodating people with disabilities throughout the hiring process, but on purposefully attracting people with disabilities. The company’s recruitment website includes a designated phone number for applicants with diverse abilities to request accommodations for the interview and selection phase.

Wells Fargo also trains each of its recruiters on the available resources for team members with disabilities, as well as the right language to speak intelligently and comfortably with applicants who have disabilities. Jose Garcia, senior vice president of Diversity Recruiting Strategy at Wells Fargo, who is himself a team member with a disability, provides education and insight to all recruiters preceding National Disability Employment Awareness Month each year.

Wells Fargo provides a wide range of online tools and resources for managers through the company’s Manager Center and Live Diversity & Inclusion websites to make it easy for managers to build a diverse and inclusive team, and leverage team members’ differences as a competitive advantage.

What programs do you have in place to retain and develop employees with disabilities?

Each year, Wells Fargo reaches out to self-identified team members with disabilities. The purpose of this outreach is to share information about Wells Fargo’s career development process, tools and resources. The company is dedicated to helping all team members grow and advance their careers based on their individual goals and aspirations.

Wells Fargo has a substantial commitment to the company’s team members, including a disability accommodation policy, process and guidelines. We have a team of 20 Accommodations Consultants and Specialists who work with team members and managers to identify and implement reasonable accommodations.

Requests for medical accommodations are made to the company’s Human Resources Service Center by phone and accommodations consultants are available to respond to requests within 24-48 hours or within 24 hours for higher priority requests.

Wells Fargo’s Accommodations Management team provides team members with accommodations both in the workplace and for off-site company meetings/activities. A team member, manager or other business partner can make a request. The request is then processed by the Accommodations Management team, who works directly with the team member and his or her line of business to identify and provide a reasonable accommodation in a timely manner.

The Accommodations Process is communicated to team members through HR communications that are sent out company-wide, through manager training, and are available to all team members on the Wells Fargo Teamworks (intranet) website and via the Team Member Handbook. Additionally, when a team member engages with the Accommodations Management team, the process is reviewed in detail with the team member during the intake conversation, as well as throughout the accommodations process. Team members may also be advised of Accommodations Management through other HR partners during the course of business.

Share specific examples of how your disability resource group helped the company recruit, retain, shape policy, address or market to people with disabilities. 

Wells Fargo’s Team Member Network (TMN) program is an important part of our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive culture at Wells Fargo. Our TMNs are formed around market and historically underrepresented segments, and they provide team members with personal and professional development, mentoring, leadership engagement and networking and community outreach opportunities. Our networks also serve as valuable resources for fostering business development and innovation, obtaining customer insight and recruiting team members.

Wells Fargo has a Diverse Abilities Team Member Network (DATMN). The network’s mission is to facilitate a greater understanding of people with disabilities via education and to increase disability awareness for team members and customers. The network’s goal is to help develop a workplace where people of all abilities can reach their full potential by creating an inclusive environment. Today, Wells Fargo has more than 5,200 members and 19 active chapters.

What challenge(s) has the company faced in recruiting or retaining people with disabilities and how has it overcome those challenges?

The majority of people with disabilities are hesitant to self-identify during the application process, and it is important to share with candidates how Wells Fargo values and promotes diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business and at every level of our organization. Wells Fargo sources and attracts diverse talent through partnerships, career fairs, job boards, marketing, direct sourcing and cultivation strategies. This is done in partnership with our company’s team member resource groups such as the National People with Disabilities Community of Practice and our Team Member Networks, including our DATMN.

We work with a variety of organizations serving people with disabilities, including:

• Bender Virtual Career Fairs

• CAREERS & the disabled

• Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR)

• Easter Seals

• employability

• National Federation of the Blind

• Springboard

• Talent Acquisition Portal

• US Business Leadership Network (USBLN)

• Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

• White House Initiative on Inclusive Hiring

In addition, Wells Fargo has established a relationship with DirectEmployers Association/JobCentral. With this relationship, all externally posted jobs are automatically shared within an extensive network of job search sites, including more than 300 state unemployment and rehabilitation sites, ensuring that all of these jobs are available to protected people with disabilities. In 2016, Wells Fargo entered into an agreement to sponsor all externally posted jobs on Indeed.com. Wells Fargo also works with Monster.com and utilizes social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Glassdoor to post and advertise available positions and to share relevant information and stories about career opportunities and programs at Wells Fargo. These platforms are available to all diverse job seekers and professional segments.

To improve retention of team members with diverse abilities, Wells Fargo established the Career Resources Program (CRP). Wells Fargo’s Human Resources department encourages all of its team members who have identified themselves as a person with a disability to participate in our outreach program, which supports ongoing professional development within the company. Self-identified team members receive direct communications that reference online self-service tools and resources as well as live facilitator-led sessions about how to search and apply for jobs within the company, prepare résumés and develop interviewing skills and become active participants in team member resource groups to support professional networking.

​In late 2018, Wells Fargo will launch the People with Diverse Abilities Leadership Program. This in-person, three-day program will offer participants the opportunity to practice leadership skills necessary for success in a diverse business environment, learn from senior leaders how they achieved success in their careers and build camaraderie through the opportunity to network, share and learn from others.

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