White Women Who Are Intentional Allies to Women of Color

DiversityInc COO Carolynn Johnson, EY’s Chris Crespo and Eversource’s Katherine Prewitt have a very candid and real discussion on how white women can be intentional allies to women of color. The three women also give advice on developing and sustaining successful relationships and explore why white men should be intentional allies too. The extended Q&A session is a must-hear!!

00:00 – 00:06:39: Introduction

00:06:40 – 00:19:41: Intentionally Reaching Out to Women of Color to Become an Ally or Sponsor

00:19:42 – 00:28:20: Advice to White Women and Women of Color on Developing/Sustaining Successful Relationships

00:28:21 – 00:31:41: Gaining Trust From Women of Color or People Who Are Different From You

00:31:42 – 00:43:00: Responsibilities White Men Have in Making Sure They Are Intentional Allies

00:43:01 – 00:50:22: EY’s Intentional Focus on Women of Color

00:50:23 – 01:19:40: Q&A

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